(In English/Turkish – With/without Thesis Option )


 Due to high customer demand variability and accordingly increasing need for a greater diversity of goods and services to be offered to global markets, today, supply chains become more and more competitive while their structures expand and become more complex. Comprehending logistics systems which make room for change between either consumer markets or the enterprise market alongside effective and efficient management of them plays a vital role in having a competitive advantage. MA in International Logistics Management Programmes aim to train logistics specialists which can respond to these raising needs while extending the academic and applied knowledge in logistics field. The programmes educate its participants about practices regarding main logistics processes, as well as the emerging concerns that affect the logistics operations, such as green logistics, sustainable development, e-commerce to name few.


MA Programmes with thesis offers a 2 year-training that focus on both theoretical and practical aspects of improving supply chain processes using analytical methods, via thinking creatively and critically to generate innovative solutions in logistics management in order to improve scientific research capabilities of the students.


Synthesizing practical knowledge with theoretical background, 15 months-long executive MA programmes(with graduation project) targets to contribute to professional development and managerial skills of individuals who desires to attain competence to apply advanced logistics management knowledge, principle and practices in a business environment to ensure effective and efficient operations of an organization. ​


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